Monday, 18 July 2011

End of the School Year!

Its getting close to the end of the school year can't believe how fast my children are growing up Katie is now 7 and will be in year 3 in september and Olivia is now 6 she will be in year 2 soon and Nathan will be starting in reception. Seems like yesterday they were all babies.

Katie is doing really well at school she still struggles to read and write but she has really developed over this last year, she has one on one teacher at school but she is learning to work independently on an afternoon this is great achievement for Katie. Katie loves to sing and draw, she has started gymnastics and is really enjoying it.
This is Olivia and her friend Yasmin at one of the competions.

Olivia is really enjoying school she loves to read and write but hates doing homework. Olivia got speller of the month, at school if you get this your name is put on a board if a child needs help spelling thing instead of going to the teacher they will ask Olivia she tells them how to spell it. Olivia's favourite thing is Irish Dancing she goes twice a week and dances everwhere. She was in a competion last week and she came 1st in 4 dances 3rd in one dance and 4th in the championships. and has won lots of trophies.

Nathan goes to nursery and will start big school in September he is so excited to go to the same school as the girls, Nathan loves going to soft play, messy play and stay and play at the children's centre with his dad.

Kris is doing fine he is a volunteer at the children's centre. He has just done his hygiene course so he can help out in the kitchen. He is going to start doing a teachers assistance course in september.

Tracy Still studying hard at Teesside University doing Adult nursing at the moment I am on placement at durham hospital on a surgery ward really enjoying it.

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Julie Mulcock said...

So fun to read about you family. They are so cute. We miss you guys! Sounds like everything is going well. We think of you all the time!