Monday, 18 July 2011

End of the School Year!

Its getting close to the end of the school year can't believe how fast my children are growing up Katie is now 7 and will be in year 3 in september and Olivia is now 6 she will be in year 2 soon and Nathan will be starting in reception. Seems like yesterday they were all babies.

Katie is doing really well at school she still struggles to read and write but she has really developed over this last year, she has one on one teacher at school but she is learning to work independently on an afternoon this is great achievement for Katie. Katie loves to sing and draw, she has started gymnastics and is really enjoying it.
This is Olivia and her friend Yasmin at one of the competions.

Olivia is really enjoying school she loves to read and write but hates doing homework. Olivia got speller of the month, at school if you get this your name is put on a board if a child needs help spelling thing instead of going to the teacher they will ask Olivia she tells them how to spell it. Olivia's favourite thing is Irish Dancing she goes twice a week and dances everwhere. She was in a competion last week and she came 1st in 4 dances 3rd in one dance and 4th in the championships. and has won lots of trophies.

Nathan goes to nursery and will start big school in September he is so excited to go to the same school as the girls, Nathan loves going to soft play, messy play and stay and play at the children's centre with his dad.

Kris is doing fine he is a volunteer at the children's centre. He has just done his hygiene course so he can help out in the kitchen. He is going to start doing a teachers assistance course in september.

Tracy Still studying hard at Teesside University doing Adult nursing at the moment I am on placement at durham hospital on a surgery ward really enjoying it.

Monday, 3 November 2008


The kids had a great time carving pumpkins its our first time doing it think they turned out pretty well. The kids had a great time Olivia really got into it

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Halloween came early.

Here are a few things that have happened these past few weeks.

Katie and Olivia had there school welcome assembly Olivia had to say what she likes doing in nursery, she said she like playing with the musical instruments. Katie had to say what she wanted to be when she gets older. Katie said she wanted to be a Nurse when asked why she said they hel ppeople get better. Some of the other kids in her class wanted to be pwoer rangers, faires, princesses. i was so proud of her.

Halloween came a bit early or should i say they got to wear there costumes ear;y as school broke up for a week so they held a spooky breakfast and lunch the last day of school and they all got to dress up it was alot of fun.

Katie and olivia went to a birthday party from a little boy in Katie's class they had a man doe lots of party games katie won the fastest Elephant game. They had face painting and a magician the kids loved it.

Nathan trying to escape out ofthe garden. Guess he is trying to find his dad ha ha ha!!

Olivia fell out of bed one night and was oblivious to the whole thing.

Here is Nathan trying on things again he found a pair of the girls swimming pants and was putting on Olivia's socks he did a pretty good job at taht

Friday, 19 September 2008


We went to my Aunts for Dinner the other week Katie and Olivia had so much fun playing with her recycling box and all the plastic container it was kind of cute listening to them. Nathan was having fun with the dog chasing it around the garden.

That week we also went to a friends house for dinner and Nathan was playing on the Wii and then he decided to try some shoes on. he was getting really frustrated as he couldn't walk in them as well as he walks in ours.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

School is finally here!

Finally Katie has started school. it has been a long summer for her she has been so excited every week she would ask if she was starting today she really missed her friends. She was a bit disappointed that her best friend wasnt goingto the same school as her but she soon got over it when she saw the rest of her class mates.

Olivia started nursery today she looked so cute in her school uniform. She was so proud that she gets to wear a school uniform and go to the big school with her sister and cousins.

Katie and Olivia getting ready for there first day of school.

Nathan watching the rain

Katie and Olivia on the roundabout at the park.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Random things this week!

This week has been interesting this has been the first week Kris has been away so i have been trying to fill my week with the kids finding things for them to do this summer holiday it has been really hard but really fun.

We went to a playscheme and the kids got there face painted Katie wanted to be a pink cat and Olivia having eczema thought i would play it safe and got a dolphin on the side of her face.

We also went ot soft play a few times this week thats always a life saver when its raining and here in England it just never stops.

Nathan has an obsession with shoes so i took some photo's of him in shoes he will never let me live it down when he gets older.

Katie and her pink cat face.

Olivia's Dolphin.
Nathan in soft play wouldn't come home.
Look at my lovely shoes!
Is it time to go play in the rain.
No i wont give Olivia her doll back. (time out)
At the park
boxes are great things can keep them entertained for hours.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Our holiday with Grandparents!

We had so much fun when Kris's parents came to visit. We took the kids to the park, went into Newcastle we went to the art musuem where Nathan was chasing the pigeon outside. We went to the Castle Keep.

Here is Grandpa at the park with Katie and Olivia

Here is a video of them.

Nathan getting ready to go for a ride in his car.

Nathan and Grandma at the park.

Katie coming down the Slide.

Olivia for the 20th time coming down the slide.

Nathan cahsing the pigeon and Olivia chasing Nathan

Olivia laughing at Nathan chasing the Bird.

Katie and Grandpa sitting on the Toilet in the Castle Keep.

Kris, Larry and Jackie


Katie getting her head stuck in the hole. Ha ha! =)


Never used a washing line before have you not?


A Day Out At Flamingoland Amusement Park

Mammy the suns in my eyes again!

Help im gonna fall!